The title of this post is also the title of a book by Annie Downs and the most recent online Bloom book club discussion book. Some of the quotes were highlighted on the site and the one that made me pause and think was this: “To see yourself the way God sees you is the first step in being brave.”

Right now I see myself as a bit of a failure. I just missed 4 days of posting, right in the middle of the month that was supposed to be filled with 30 days of habit-forming writing. I could beat myself up for not planning ahead and scheduling posts for the days I was gone. I could berate myself for lack of self-discipline and perseverance. I could be done and say to self, “Better luck next time!”  But beating and berating and quitting won’t win this race. A verse that jumped out at me on a devotional site today was “There is therefore now no condemnation…..”

So is that “the way God sees” us? Without condemnation, judgment, disappointment? No rolling of the eyes and sighing, “There she goes again!?”

If being brave requires a knowledge of how God sees me, then I need to know how God sees me. And how can I see like God sees? Is that even possible?

Then I was reminded of a little 32-page red booklet, “Who I Am In Christ.” It lists verses from most of the New Testament books with the heading, “My Heavenly Father says and I agree…” In the mirror of God’s word, I see the following: chosen, loved, sealed, accepted, holy, blessed, called, protected, redeemed, and the list continues.

In the Preface, the author wrote, “One of the reasons you may have lived with defeat, discouragement or low self-esteem is because you haven’t totally seen yourself through God’s eyes…As you spiritually feed yourself daily by reading the Bible,…God will show you clearly who you are as one who trusts and obeys Him.”

This, then, is how to be brave. Stop looking in the rear view mirror and letting the past dictate the future. Start looking in the mirror that God holds up in His Word. And know that God’s vision is always 20/20.


2 thoughts on ““Let’s All Be Brave”

  1. Ah, so transparent and real. I’m with you on some of that self-condemnation talk, negative stuff that doesn’t accomplish anything. Thanks for the reminder to be brave in our writing and everywhere else!

    1. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to control or get rid of that negative self-talk. A daily challenge lately as I try to write every day. Somewhere I heard that just before a major breakthrough, the opposition seems especially strong, which is why I have to remind myself to “put on the full armor of God” and be brave! 🙂

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